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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple and painless technique that lightens (natural) teeth by applying hydrogen peroxide gel (often known as oxygenated water.) This is applied with a single-use disposable silicone mouthguard. The use of a cold electroluminescent lamp stimulates the process by enlarging the pores of tooth enamel. For brilliant whiteness we use two successive applications of 30 minutes each.

Thanks to the Smile Access process, you can immediately gain between 2 and 9 shades in 1 hour.

Tooth enamel regenerates naturally so, to preserve the whiteness of your teeth, you should repeat the session every 4 months or so.

For an optimal result we recommend you have your teeth cleaned and descaled at the dentist before a teeth whitening treatment.

Blanchiment des Dents

La séance d'environ 1h
3 séances
6 séances à raison d'une tous les 2 mois

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